Dickpunks as the new baby of TNC Company plus to release mini album

After placing as runner up in last year’s ‘Super Star K’, Dickpunks sign a contract under the TNC company. They will join other like Yery Band, Icycider, Peacock, Phantomz, Bellband, and 11:11.

TNC company said, ”It’s such a great honor to be trusted on showcasing and honing Dickpunks musicality.” First step is they are going to release their mini album next month.

In addition, CF recordings, rock festivals and drama shooting are going to be part of their future schedules. Dickpunks will also be performing in the Dongkyo Dong Art People DMZ Family Concert at Seoul's Uniqlo-AX with duo Toxic on March 23rd.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net