D-Unit releases “Talk At My Face” MV

After pre-releasing the track “Stay Alive”, rookie group D-Unit has finally made their comeback after seven months since their debut with second album, ‘Affirmative’ featuring the title track, “Talk At My Face”!

On March 4th, D-Unit released the Part 1 of their second mini-album, ‘Affirmative Chap.1’. There are a total of seven tracks including the title track, “Talk At My Face”. This rock, hip-hop hybrid number was composed by Block B’s very own Zico, who is also featured in this track.

Coming back as four-member group, the new album also marks new member JNEY’s debut as D-Unit. She was previously known as Janey from the girl group GP Basic and is said to have been recommended by Block B’s Zico.

Check out the MV below: