Cube Entertainment’s M4M reveals teasers for Jimmy

After releasing teasers for members Alen and Bin, upcoming idol group M4M has now unveiled teaser video for leader Jimmy.

Korea’s Cube Entertainment and China’s Xing Tian will be collaborating for project group called M4M (Mystical Formula) which will make a debut this March.

M4M will be debuting simultaneously in Korea and China. The members were all put together after passing rigorous audition rounds in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Cube Entertainment took charge in training the group for a total of 1,460 days.

Name : Jimmy (지미 / 朱兆豐)
Position : Leader
DOB : 1986.04.09
Height : 185 cm.
Weight : 72 kg.
Nationality : Hong Kong
Blood type : A
Language : Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean
Special Abilities : Guitar, Performance