CNBLUE’s Jungshin shares a ‘paper kiss’ with a Spanish beauty

CNBLUE’s bassist Lee Jungshin shared a ‘paper kiss’ with beautiful Spanish magician.

On March 10th, a female magician from Spain appeared on MBCMagic Concert’ as a special guest, and had a magic battle with Korean magician Choi Hyun Woo.

CNBLUE member Lee Jungshin was chosen to do the magic trick. The magician then asked him to put on purple lipstick while she put on a red lipstick. After all preparation, the two started kissing each other with a thin paper between their lips, and all of the guests cheered in excitement.

After the trick, Jungshin commented, “I haven’t kissed in a long time. Kissing a foreigner is my first time.” Yang Joon Hyuk expressed his envy and commented, “I wonder how it would’ve felt if that was me.”