Busker Busker’s Bradley to host English-language radio show

Busker Busker’s American drummer Bradley Moore will host a radio show.

On March 13, TBS eFM, an all-English-language radio channel, announced that Bradley will host a radio program called ‘Moonlit Tracks’ from 3 to 5 AM six days per week starting on Tuesday.

The show will play foreign pop music and movie soundtracks. TBS eFM is available in Seoul and other cities such as Busan, Gwangju and Yeosu.

Bradley formed Busker Busker with his students in 2011 while working as an English lecturer at Sangmyung University and drew attention after appearing in the popular audition show ‘Superstar K.’ As the band’s debut album was a big hit last year, the members enjoyed much popularity.

Bradley also married his girlfriend of six years in Korea last September.