B1A4's Sandeul crowned as king of eating broadcast!

On March 4's broadcast of MNET 'Wide News', the staff visited idol group B1A4 on their photoshoot for a clothing brand.

In this photshoot, the boys showed confidence in modelling various stylish clothes with their energetic and youthful auras.

Despite of non-stop filming, B1A4 didn't show any signs of exhaustion and they even did fanservice. During that time, Sandeul was filmed eating the food prepared by the filming staff and earned the name 'rising star of eating broadcast'.

Members tried to stop him from eating and revealed, "Sandeul eats five times a day, not only breakfast, lunch and dinner.In this Sandeul exclaimed, "Call me if there's something to eat.." indirectly suggesting to be a food model.

Source: enews24 
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net