4MINUTE's Jihyun is the Prettiest in the Group?

4MINUTE's leader Nam Jihyun is chosen by Hyuna as the prettiest in their group.

During the guesting of 4MINUTE on 'Weekly Idol Overseas Special', the girls talked about their ranking in terms of beauty. MC Jung Hyung Don asked 4MINUTE if they have received praises of becoming prettier to which Hyuna replied "4MINUTE changed a lot, we are getting prettier." showing confidence over 4MINUTE's beauty. She then continued "If I have make up on, I am the second prettiest but if I dont have, I am third." 

After revealing her rank in 4MINUTE in terms of looks, she then chose Jihyun as the prettiest saying "No need to argue about it, she is indeed pretty." 

For you, who is the prettiest in their group?

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net