Will B.A.P members keep their pledge?

Many fans are growing curious about whether B.A.P will keep the pledge they made at their fanmeeting back on October.

According to TS Entertainment, Bang Yong Guk previously made a promise to fans during their ‘1st BABY DAY’ fan club inauguration that he would show his abs, as well as Jong Up’s, if B.A.P receive the ‘rookie of the year award’.

B.A.P has already received 13 ‘Best New Artist of the Year’ after they made the pledge, but they still did not fulfill it yet, and many fans are growing curious about whether they will fulfill it during the concert.

However, leader Bang Yong Guk tweeted on February 19th, “Sorry to have kept you waiting. See you soon, baby! #LiveOnEarth2013”, hinting to fulfill their promise.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will hold the ‘B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul’ at the Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Seoul on February 23 and 24.