What does SHINee like to do during their free time?

Idol group SHINee members revealed what they do in their free time.

During an interview, they were asked about the things they like to do when they are not doing anything related to their work. Key started with "I like recycling my clothes. Since I like fashion, I rip my shirts, and pants to make it more stylish and add details to it." 

Jonghyun revealed what he likes to do "If I have free time, I drive. Listening while driving is my thing." and followed by leader Onew "I need to improve my concentration so I do things that need focus. I play Rubik's cube or darts." 

Taemin then said "I spend my free time playing soccer with my friends at dawn. We talk about things that we haven't talked about since I am busy." Minho concluded the question with his answer saying "I usually play cellphone games. I play with Kyuhun hyung and I keep winning over him! We do really care about our ranks." revealing his passion for cellphone games.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net