TVXQ's Yunho talks about physical contact with Kim Sung Ryeong

TVXQ’s Jung Yunho recently talked about his physical contact with actress Kim Sung Ryeong
During the episode of SBS’ ‘Good Morning’ that aired on the 5th, a segment following the cast of SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ during their filming schedule was aired.

On this day, Jung Yunho was asked, “There seems to be a lot of physical contact between you and Kim Sung Ryeong,” by the staff, to which Jung Yunho replied, “At first, I was embarrassed by it. But I’ve gotten used to it and I feel empty when there’s no physical contact between us. I feel like I’m addicted to it.”
When asked, “Aren’t you scared of Jung Yunho’s fans?” Kim Sung Ryeong said, “(The fans) enjoy it and they’re envious of me. I’m doing this for the fans.”

Kim Sung Ryeong was then asked about her friendship with Jung Yunho and replied, “At first, we exchanged text messages to get to know each other, but now, we’ve become so close that we don’t feel the need to text each other.” Jung Yunho said, “At first, I was nervous because she’s such an experienced senior, but she takes such good care of me like an older sister or my mom.”

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