TVXQ’s Changmin received Psychological Counselling!

TVXQ’s Max Changmin confessed that he had suffered because of sasaeng fans and received Psychological Counselling.

In the episode of KBS2’s ‘Moonlight Prince’ that was aired on 5th, Changmin revealed that there was a period of them when he was really afraid when he saw group of students wearing uniforms.

 Changmin confessed, “Maybe they were just normal students who were in that area that time, but it was really hard for to see group of students”

MC Kang Ho Dong warily asked, “I heard that you received psychotherapy,” to which Max Changmin replied, “It was just counselling.” He continued “I knew that psychological pain is harder to deal with compared to physical pain. It was like everyone was staring at me, no matter where I went. I am a celebrity but I didn’t like the feeling of people being around me.”  Luckily, Changmin is now fine and doesn’t feel the same anymore.

Source: TV Report
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