Tiffany eats the most among SNSD members?

On February 04, Mnet's Beatles Code 2 released the latest preview of next episode featuring singer Ha Chun Hwa and female idol group SNSD.

In the preview video, SNSD girls revealed that "A successful performance and Riceare related to each other". Member Tiffany admitted that, "There is a huge difference between eating and not eating before going on stage, so all members are sure to eat before the show."

When MC Tak Jae Hoon asked "Who eats the most among members?"Tiffany frankly answered"If I want to eat, I will definitely eat".

Netizens commented"How much is a meal?", "SNSD love riceDiet would be hard for them"," No surprise, Tiffany eats the most" and so on.

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews