‘The BEAST’ comic series to release B2ST figurines

B2ST members will be transforming into figurines for the third installment of their group-themed comic book ‘The BEAST’.

Pre-order for the special limited edition of the B2ST figurines will open beginning on February 6th. Each figurine look just like the characters of six B2ST members in ‘The BEAST’ comics series.

Planis Entertainment, the production team behind ‘The BEAST’ stated, “To thank the readers for their support for ‘The BEAST’, we have prepared a special set of figurines.”

There will only be a limited production of 2,000 sets, and each package contains all 6 figurines. Each set costs 175,000 KRW. In addition, 10 lucky fans will receive a set with the autographs of all the B2ST members.