Teen Top's L.Joe specializes in Kissing Scenes?

Teen Top member L.Joe characterize himself as the best at kissing.

During the showcase of Teen Top which was hel on February 26th at Seoul Seogyodong Interpark Arts Centre, member L.Joe revealed his thoughts about kissing scene "I had a kissing scene with Shin Bora in 'Miss Right' music video, actually, we were told about that on the day of filming so we were both shy but since Bora noona was more shy, I led the kissing scene."

After that, he was asked by the MC if there were members who were jealous of it and Niel didn't hesitate, he said "L.Joe was also the one who had a kissing scene in the precious music video. He has been in charge of it so far." to which L.Joe replied "I always get the kissing scenes because I'm the best at. it" showing his confidence.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net