SPEED, T-ara, 5dolls and THE SEEYA served ricecakes to fans at Gilbalhan Chicken

T-ara and SPEED had a rice-cake event.

Before departing for Japan, T-ara, along with SPEED had an event on February 5th at the Gilbalhan Chicken in Bucheon serving ricecakes together.

According to a press release from T-ara's agency, T-ara received over 100 sacks of rice from fans and want to donate it to those with less fortunate lives. T-ara invited 12 people living in an orphanage in Bucheon where they donated the ricecakes to come with them to the event. They will be able to take pictures and get signed CDs and have a memorable day with their friends.

Last year, T-ara braved the cold to deliver basic necessities such as rice, noodles, chicken, underwear and cosmetics to elderly living alone and those with more difficult lives. They also served lunch and gave necessities as well as dental care to children with disabilities.

The Gilbalhan Chicken opens in Buncheon with a fansigning from T-ara and SPEED in addition to the ricecake event. It will last three hours and oepn to anyone. THE SEEYA and 5dolls will also help serve ricecakes with T-ara and SPEED.

Meanwhile, T-ara left for Japan to begin promotions for their Japanese single later this month and SPEED will release a repackaged album on the 18th.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20130205n10852
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique