Song Ok Sook mentions Yoochun in her interview with Women Chosun Magazine

Among this, a couple that appeared as prize presenters particularly stood out. Veteran actress Song Ok Sook and idol-turned-actor Park Yoochun. A surprising combination.

The two are a ‘dignified’ couple associated through a drama. The audiences even gave them a nickname. ‘Chicken couple’. A medium for the expressions of feelings between a mother-in-law and son-in-law, as the ‘chicken couple’ in drama ‘Missing You’, the two appeared as the mother who lost her daughter and the son-in-law who dedicates his whole life into finding that daughter respectively. Park Yoochun appeared in the drama as a thick-skinned character and called the mother-like Song Ok Sook ‘lover’ in an aegyo manner. As he tells her he misses her while hugging her, he says cheesy lines such as, ‘You can’t cheat on me when I’m not around’. As such, there are more hugging scenes with Song Ok Sook than between Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye who appeared as lovers.

“This is the second time I’ve met Yoochunie after ‘Rooftop Prince’. At that time, I appeared as (Han) Jiminie’s mother, so I met Yoochunie only about twice. Yoochunie is a person who works really hard and then does really well, so you cannot not dote on him. Plus he is really funny (with his antijokes), because of him I had lots of laughter. He has a sense of variety and is also good at comic acting.”

A Christmas present specially prepared by Park Yoochun

In the drama, Park Yoochun and Song Ok Sook’s tight cooperation left a deep impression. Resembling the affections between a pair of real mother and son, it sufficiently provided warmth to a drama filled with only darkness. This special feeling was created by the two of them. “The scenes where I hit Yoochunie or when I dance with him, they were all not written in the script. I suggested ‘Wouldn’t this be the actual situation?’ for the hitting scene and people responded that ‘You’ll get stones thrown at you (by fans)’, but I thought, ‘There’s no helping it even if I get thrown stones’ and hit him boldly, the image ended up natural as well. Yoochunie liked it better and was more satisfied.”

We are used to words similar to ‘You’ll get stones thrown at you by fans!’, there are often instances where due to an idol star’s fans, embarrassment with the opposing actor was caused. If it’s a love scene, there will most likely be terrorism by fans. But the chicken couple is different.

“I always act as the mother of the lead and often work with popular actors, however, this is the first time I’ve received love from fanclubs. Yoochunie received praise for his hard work in acting, and it seems that from the fans’ perspective, they feel really happy. Several fanclubs have came over and presented me with presents to thank me, and they said, ‘Thank you for the love you give to Yoochun’.”

For Park Yoochun, the drama this time round is special as well. Although he has mainly acted with actors of the same generation such as in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’, in ‘Missing You’, he worked not only with Song Ok Sook but with other veteran actors like Han Jin Hee and Do Ji Won as well. Park Yoochun expressed during the press conference held in the midst of the drama’s broadcast that it was more comfortable acting with the veteran actors than with actors of the same generation.

“Most likely, Yoochunie could feel the vast differences that exists while acting with the seniors. I suggested to him things like, ‘You need to learn more from the seniors’, ‘By treating the seniors well, it can become a great source of help’. Because he is a child that possesses a huge greed for acting, I said to him those words.”

Song Ok Sook spent the last Christmas on the set of ‘Missing You’. Although it could have been a regretful situation, it turned out to be a Christmas filled with happiness. It is because of the special present Park Yoochun prepared. Park Yoochun presented a Canada Goose down jacket to Song Ok Sook. It happened to be popular season for Canada Goose’s down jacket, so he ordered a few days before in order for the shipping to arrive in time for Christmas.

“I was touched by Yoochunie’s sincerity, and told him, ‘I’ve acted as a mother many times in dramas, but a sweet son like you is the first.’”

For Park Yoochun, Song Ok Sook is a person he is thankful for as well. Last year while filming for ‘Rooftop Prince’, Park Yoochun experienced the loss of his father and Song Ok Sook rushed to sent her regards immediately. “I too, experienced the loss of my father two years ago while filming for ‘Tree with Deep Roots’, so I know better than anyone else what that feeling was like. Losing a parent at a young age, what that feeling must have felt like. The funeral house being empty hurts the heart even more. Despite having many fans, there weren’t many close kins.”

Scans Credit: JYJ DC Gall 1, 2
Translated By: Maetuggi