SNSD’s ‘Dangerous Boys’ Goo Jisoo graduated!

One of the ‘Dangerous Boys’ of Girls’Generation, Goo Jisoo graduated from high school.

Picture of Goo Jisoo during his graduation attracts the attention of the netizens. Jisoo is known as one of the ‘Dangerous Boys’ of Girls’ Generation’s show back in 2011-2012. Jisoo is from Gwangju and recently graduated from high school. His mentors/teachers in ‘Dangerous Boys’ were Yuri and Jessica.

In the photo above, he is smiling brightly while holding a bouquet of flowers. Netizens noticed that he gained some weight because he was very thin during the show with Girls’ Generation.

Seems Girls’ Generation was a big help to Jisoo as he transformed from bad boy to good boy and was able to graduate from high school.

After seeing the photo, netizens commented“From bad boy to good boy” “Glad that he finally graduated” “He gained weight” “How about the other boys?” and many more.

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