SISTAR19 vs. 2YOON, two contradicting charms

Hit unit groups SISTAR19 and 2YOON attracted the audience and viewers on their Lunar New Year performances by showing their contradicting charms. The unit groups performed on MBC's Music Core.

To begin with, 2YOON showed a very lively and youthful performance with their hit song 24/7, which has a country-style concept. Wearing multi-colored retro outfits, the two girls performed with oozing cuteness on stage along with cheerful and lively rhythm of their song.

In contrast, SISTAR19 showed a matured performance with their sensual choreography with their latest song Gone Not Around Any Longer. Wearing sexy outfits which gave off a seductive illusion and a transparent table on stage, the two garnered attention and wow the viewers.

Source: StarNews 
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