Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo wraps first solo fanmeeting in Beijing

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo has successfully wrapped his first exclusive fan meeting in Beijing.

Lee Min Woo held his ‘2013 Lee Min Woo Fanmeeting in Beijing M STYLE’ as solo artist ‘M’ at the Wukesong Gymnasium in Beijing, China on February 22nd. It was his first fan meeting in the country but he deeply moved the audience by saying his greetings in Chinese.

He made his grand entrance by performing “Believe in Love” from his first mini album ‘M’s The Sentimental Reason’ and made the fans go crazy by revealing five pictures from his smartphone.

The fan meeting was prepared to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lee Min Woo’s debut as a solo artist, and the fans prepared a cake and a video message to show their support.

Lee Min Woo said, “It was a great pleasure to have such a meaningful event with the fans. Thank you all for your continuous support to me and Shinhwa. I will show you an even better side to myself soon through Shinhwa’s upcoming 15-year anniversary concert.”