"SHINee's Some Awesome Day" documentary to highlight each member's vacations

The vacations of the members of idol group SHINee will be revealed. 

On the 10th, MBC will air “SHINee’s Some Awesome Day” at 12:40AM. (The Korean title “SHINeeae Eoneu Meotjin Nal has been abbreviated to “ShaEoMeot” below).

The producers explained, “After debuting, it was difficult for SHINee to go on vacation due to their busy activities. The members went to different countries and enjoyed their breaks. 'ShaEoMeot' is a real docu-variety program that captured their various experiences on camera.” 

The hour-long documentary will show Onew in Thailand, Jonghyun in Japan, Taemin in Switzerland, Minho and Key in England.

Source: MyDaily
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net