SHINee's Onew poses with his mum

SHINee's Onew revealed a photo of him with his mother for the first time.

On February 21st, Onew uploaded a photo on his twitter with a long tweet,"My mother is round". The photo was taken after SHINee's Dream Girl showcase that was happened on 20th, it seems that his mother also went to the showcase.

Onew's seen wearing a green jacket in the photo,showing a bright smile towards the camera, the woman standing behind him was his mother. 

Upon seeing the photo, people commented,"Finally you uploaded a selca","Like mother like son","Both are cute","His mother must be really proud of him",and so on.

In addition, SHINee released their 3rd full album "The misconception of you" on February 20th, and they will have their 1st comeback stage on M!COUNTDOWN on 21st.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET