SHINee's Onew cried on Guerilla Date?

SHINee's Onew cried on KBS Geurilla Date?

In the broadcast of KBS's "Entertainment Weekly", SHINee made an appearance in "Geurilla Date" segment of the show.

After meeting and playing with fans on the street, they went indoor and had an interview there. There's a part when they used a lie detector to find out about SHINee's true thought. When Onew was asked if he ranked low in terms of appearance in SHINee, he answered with yes and it turned out that he said the truth, which immediately gained applause from SHINee members.

Then the members took revenge by asking the MC to try the lie detector too, he was asked if he thought Shin Hyeon Ju's nose was big(he's known for his big nose), he answered no then he got a sudden shock from the detector that caused him to throw it away. Upon seeing this, Onew couldn't hold on his laughter and he cried to tears, he couldn't even do the proper greeting at the end with other members.

Check out the video below