Ryu Hyoyoung, "I want to become an actress people can expect a lot from, but I will postpone this goal"

KBS 2TV drama "School 2013" had an emotional parting from viewers on the 28th of January. The first School series in over 10 years and the fifth installment, this year's youth drama "School 2013" attracted a lot of attention.

Various stars reappeared in "School 2013" and new stars were pushed toward a better career through it. Ryu Hyoyoung who captured the hearts of viewers as Lee Kangjoo gave an interview to Star.

Ryu Hyoyoung competed and won the 80th Annual Cheonhyang contest when she was in her second year of high school, and is currently a member of the girl group 5dolls. Idols appearing in dramas raises concerns, but Ryu Hyoyoung overcame these pre-judgements through "School 2013" and a real actress was born. Playing the loyal character who embraced her friend's mistakes, Ryu Hyoyoung intrigued the viewers with her skills and sincerity as Lee Kangjoo.

Ryu Hyoyoung cited her biggest regret in "School 2013" as the inability to make her character more funny. "If I had another chance, I will fix my regrets."

- Friendship before love!

A youth drama based around friendship instead of a love line has emerged. The love line in "School 2013" rarely occurred. The actress dremaed of getting to have a romance, but sadly Hyoyoung received no love line role in the drama. She was asked which she preferred.

"I think friendship is good. Love makes your heart hurt, but friends touch both your heart and mind. Depending on the situation, I will usually choose friendship over love."

In the drama, Lee Kangjoo was nosy to Go Namsoon and Park Heungsoo. Whether for friendship or affection, she was always glancing towards them. We wondered if she would like to have a love line story with Go Namsoon.

Hyoyoung said, "I didn't like the idea of a Kangjoo-Namsoon love line. I have more feelings for him as friends. If I had a 'real' love line in 'School 2013' I think it would be with Oh Jungho."

- Ryu Hyoyoung wanted to resemble "School 1" Choi Kanghee

Most actors have a difficult time if their character in a drama does not fit with their actual nature. Ryu Hyoyoung shook her head when asked if she had difficulty portraying Lee Kangjoo.

"I have a lot in common with Kangjoo. The hair and personality were the same as me when I was in school. In school, I went to counseling a lot with my friends. Actually, there was more drama than schoolwork at my school sometimes."

The "School" series began in 1999 and has produced a variety of stars like Jang Hyuk, Im Soojung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Raewan, Gongyoo and many others. "School 2013" attracted attention during it's broadcast for being the birth of the next generation of stars. Ryu Hyoyoung most similarly resembled Choi Kanghee from the first season of "School". Choi Kanghee's character was also loyal and with short hair, and their nature was similar in many ways.

"Before appearing in 'School 2013' I saw all the other series. Choi Kanghee sunbae was really my most-liked character because she was so charming and for Gangjoo I wanted to re-create the character."

The cast of "School 2013" consisted of a lot of early 20-year olds. Ryu Hyoyoung was asked what she remembered most about filming.

"The weather would get so cold our lips would go frozen. Lee Jongseok and Kim Yoobin oppas quickly gave me hot packs to help me lips go unfrozen. But after they gave me these, the oppas then became freezing and trembling. So I'm sorry towards them. The other time thing I'll remember is how we are all supposed to be in shape and carefully manage our bodies carefully, but we got to eat hot-dogs. I remember thinking how delicious they were, and then ____ told me 'Hyoyoungie, you make them look really delicious. It looks like you're in a CF.' Quickly I finished eating, and then my heart felt inconvenient because it was gone. Haha."

- How was Ryu Hyoyoung during her school days? Seems like she would have a lot of friends

The actual look and school violence that happens was realistically shown in "School 2013". Ryu Hyoyoung said she had a lot of flashbacks while filming. Did your family or friends suffer from violence when at school?

"My friends did not get harassed. I miss my school days. A lot of times I was stressed out because I would be in counseling with my friends. Sometimes even my sister. But I still contact my friends and they are all great."

Lee Kangjoo would wander off a lot while at school, and we're curious if Ryu Hyoyoung was the same.

"I dreamed a lot when I was young. I would always wander off into some type of dream. I would get confused and not know what to do then unless I asked the teacher. It was a similar with Jang Nala sunbae's character as a teacher."

- A troublemaker now, but later want to become a teacher

- In "School 2013" many of the problems in reality of school were pointed out. Hyoyoung was asked what kind of roles she would want to star in in the future.

"Instead of a troublemaker like Kangjoo, I want to appear as a teacher. Like 'School 2013' is 10 years later, 10 years later I'd like to come back and play a role as a teacher if possible? I hope the station continues the series.

Hyoyoung wanted to finish by giving gratitude to the "School 2013" PD.

"There was a scene where my shoes came off when me and Hakyung were fleeing (?), and then this caused an issue with Hakyung's character too. The scene had a lot of issues due to me and I was embarrassed, but the PD was kind and I'm extremely thankful towards him."

Before starring in "School 2013", Hyoyoung said she did not know a lot about acting. When asked about this, she said, "I still have a lot to learn."

Ryu Hyoyoung announced she wants to steadily improve as an actress, but this year she will postpone that so she can focus on appearing in front of her fans as a singer and meet with her fans as a performer.

"When I appear in things in the future, I want people to say "Ah? Ryu Hyoyoung is in this? It'll be good then.' I want to be an actress that people can expect a lot from."

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20130202n03478
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique