Rainbow sends out Lunar New Year greeting

On February 08, idol group RAINBOW uploaded a new video on their official youtube with title, "exploring the lifestyle of RAINBOW" made many fans curious.

In the video, the girls dress in Hanbok and show fans what to do and not to do in the upcoming lunar new year. While Yoonhye and Hyunyoung instruct fans the basic way to tie the hanbok outfit, Seung Ah and No Eul show a traditional bow in standard way. Woori and Ji Sook play as bad girls and teach fans not to follow their behaviors, such as drinking too much, talking on the phone while driving or asking others the embarassing questions. Their cute and playful expression made fans happy.

Finally, Jae Kyung wished fans a happy new year and told fans to wait as their comeback will coming soon.

Check out the video below: