Park Jung Min to hold Zepp tour in Japan

SS501’s Park Jung Min is set to channel his inner ‘Romeo’ once again for his upcoming Zepp tour in Japan.

On February 14th, Park Jung Min had a press conference at SONY Music Square located in Tokyo and revealed his plan for his solo Zepp concert tour in Japan. This will be his first Zepp tour since his debut in the country in September.

The Zepp tour will take place in Zepp Halls in different cities of Japan, with each hall accommodates about 1,000~1,500 people. The tour will kick off in Fukuoka on March 19 before moving on to Osaka on March 21, Tokyo on March 22 and Nayoga on March 23.

Since the venues are much smaller compared to grand concert halls, it will be a great opportunity for Park Jung Min to meet Japanese fans at closer distances. The “darker” side of himself, Romeo, will be participating in his shows as well.