Park Jung Min holds musical-style fan meetings in Japan

On February 16th, SS501’s Park Jung Min held 2 fan meetings to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ku Culture Hall.

Park Jung Min dressed up as a comic-book style detective to help solve “The Case of the Valentine’s Day Murder” while performing hits like “Kimihiro,” “Wara Wara” and “Beautiful” in a musical performance.

With his comical acting, wonderful improvisations and brilliant ideas, he was able to make the show a huge success. A special segment where he tries to make the fans’ wishes come true was also held.

The fans were blown away when he performed his new song “Futari” which is dedicated to his fan club named “Family.”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min is set to hold his Zepp tour which will kick off in Fukuoka on March 19 before moving on to Osaka on March 21, Tokyo on March 22 and Nayoga on March 23.

Source: KBS