Onew reveals SHINee's rank in appearance

SHINee members held 'SHINee's Music Spoiler' at the Gangnam Olympus Hall ahead of the release of their 3rd album. They talked about their album and even performed some of their tracks which will be released on February 20. In addition, they also answered some questions from fans which were written in a piece of paper.

Onew's question was, 'who is the most handsome member in the group?'. Onew laughed and revealed, "The least handsome would be Minho. He's too good compared to me so I chose him as last. The second least handsome would be me. I'll try to be like Minho." Jonghyun got third. Taemin, second and Key got first. When Key asked why, Onew laughed and responded, "No reason at all". At the end, Onew added, "Why not switch the most handsome with the least handsome?"

Source: TV Report
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