Nam Gyuri hints at a music comeback?

Nam Gyuri hyped up the fans by dropping hints at a possible music comeback.

The singer-turned-actress, who was previously the leader of the original girl group SeeYa, has concentrated on her acting career for the past years. She left her fans buzzing with excitement with hints at a possible comeback to the music industry.

Brand New Music uploaded a couple of photos of Nam Gyuri on their official Twitter, wearing makeup of a R&B singer from 1970~80s. The actress herself also posted on her Twitter, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Naul. I delivered him a cake. Thank you for amazing songs, and I will wish for even better music.”

Attached the post was a photo showing Nam Gyuri posing with Naul, suggesting possibility of a music collaboration between the two artists.

Do you think Nam Gyuri will be returning as a solo artist?