Kim Jong Kook Fanmeet in Singapore

““Running Man Sparta" Kim Jong Kook Singapore Fan Meet 2013” showcase had finally come to an end. Kicking start with the first song “Today More Than Yesterday” where the interview starts after that. For more than half of the time during the showcase, he communicates and answers in English. Being asked what is his impression of Singapore, Kim Jong Kook answered there are quite a lot of big trees here in Singapore and he had tried some of the food in Singapore like the chili crab and chicken rice. The MC continue to asked his impression on Singapore’s girls which he answered “So high!” (Most probably cause of the enthusiasm). 

Right after the short interview, they proceed on to the game session whereby Kim Jong Kook would be playing 3 games together with the lucky fans that were being selected to play with him on stage. The first 2 games are the “Chicken fight” and the “Tug of War” which we would see sometime in the variety show “Running Man” which he is in. During the game, he show his gentleman side towards his fans. During a part of the game, he suddenly asked the MC why is he doing this and the MC replied “So as to please them (the fans) and they would continue to support you for the next 50 years. Is that worth it?” And this follow by him saying yes and continue playing the game. The last game is whereby 3 lucky audiences would be picked out and asked them play a game whereby each have to choose 1 out of 3 given songs – “Men Are All Like That”, “One Man” and “Loveable” and sing a small part of it. The person who sings well would be given a prize. At last, a 6 years old boy manages to win the prize and get a photography session with Kim Jong Kook after singing “All Men Are Like That” on stage.

Being asked about his love life again, Kim Jong Kook replied that he had not met anyone yet. So the MC decided to have a “match making” session whereby girls who fit the criteria read out by the MC were chose to come up stage and confess their love to Kim Jong Kook and he will choose a winner for that round. He end off the whole event by singing “Men Are All Like That”, “Don’t Be Good To Me”, “Letter”, “Saying I Love You”, “Loveable” and an encore stage for “One Man”.    


Photos Credits: Mode Entertainment
Written by Vannie @ DKPOPNEWS.NET