Kim Jaejoong’s Korean album got 4th place in Oricon, even without promotion

JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album is getting a good response even in Japan.

According to Oricon, Japan’s most prestigious music sales chart, Kim Jaejoong’s album ‘I’ ranked no 4 in Overseas album chart and no 8 in overall weekly chart on the week of January 21-27. Kim Jaejoong has sold 20,117 copies just after 10 days since it was released last January 18 in Japan.

This album in Korean, which was released in Japan without promotion, but still ranked high is considered unusual. It should be noted that the number of copies that have not gone thru official Japanese distributor companies were not aggregated or considered in the chart.*

Kim Jaejoong’s album has garnered interest and has been sold out even without promotion which is a rare occurence. It also became no 1 on iTunes rock chart in 9 countries overseas, including Japan. Recently, C-jes entertainment has produced an additional 20,000 copies since 120,000 copies initially produced were all sold.

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album ‘I’ is classified under rock genre, the intense sound of the title track ‘Mine’ and pre-released song ‘One Kiss’, sweet voice with compelling lyrical songs ‘There’s Only You’, ‘My Only Comfort’, ‘All Alone’, have reached a high level of popularity and has garnered rave reviews.

Kim Jaejoong will proceed with ‘Your, My, Mine’ Asia tour in February after successfully completing a mini-concert and fanmeeting with more than 16,000 fans attending last Jan 26-27.
T/N: * The 20,117 copies are from official Japan distributors like Tower Records, HMV, etc. The albums bought by Japanese fans who ordered directly from Korea (to help in Hanteo) were not counted.
Credit: Enews24 via Nate
Translated by @rubypurple_fan
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