JYJ’s ‘Thanks To’ Messages for Their 1,000 Days

Translation of JYJ’s Thanks To messages for their 1,000 days
[JJ Thanks To] Even though we couldn't always be together in these 1000 days, you’re always in my heart. I hope we could still love each other for 2000 days, for 10,000 days. Let’s stay together forever.

[YC Thanks To] You’ve encouraged me while working as a JYJ member. Thank you for always trusting and supporting us. In return, I will work harder, hoping you will support JYJ even more. Thank you and I love you.

[JS Thanks To] I learned a lot from you. You’ve given us love and support for 1000 days tirelessly. It’s special to me and I will give you great activities in the future. Thank you and I love you.

Source: The JYJ magazine | Translated by: rubypurple_fan | Pic Credit: @silverxiah | Shared by: sharingyoochun.net