JYJ to donate appearance fee to UNICEF

JYJ will donate all profits from their appearance at KBEE (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) to UNICEF.

The popular group has been appointed as the honorary ambassadors for the KBEE2012, which was held in Osaka last November. They participated as the face of the biggest Hallyu expo outside Korea by joining a UNICEF’s campaign in Korea and the expo’s opening ceremony in Japan.

Jaejoong stated, “We were happy to have been a part of last year’s KBEE, which promoted meaningful communication between Korea and Japan. We are now taking on this opportunity to give back to those in need. Through our donation to UNICEF, I wanted to send a sign of consolation for children who are suffering due to starvation and poverty around the world.”

UNICEF Korea’s Park Dong Eun stated, “JYJ participated in the ‘Friend Doll Campaign’ and shared the importance of giving back to those in need with their fans all around the world. But we were very surprised to hear that they didn’t stop there and have now donated all their money from the event to UNICEF,” and “We believe that their thoughtful act will be a warmth that envelops society.”

Credit: dongbangdata.net