JYJ talks about Financial Accounting Team & Success in South America

Group JYJ talk about financial accounting team and success in South America in their JYJ Magazine: The Story of 1000 Days.

They said "This is the team who envy us the most. We often hear from them “Seems like we are sending you all that great amount of money. We are envious.” Of course, although they would be joking, just how much would they be shaking if they actually saw that money?(laugh) They are thankful people who truthfully have the role of the mother inside the nest that is CJeS."

As soon as JYJ succeeded at their solo concerts in Chile and Peru as the first Korean artists, broadcasting stations and idol groups were heading there, disputing each other. On that, Kim Junsu said: “Although, we were the one who did the heading to the (bare) ground, it seems like other people are seeing the light. To this thought, although we felt stunned, we also felt a sense of responsibility on one side. That sense of responsibility that we will do what others are hesitating for no matter what. Because being able to show this is also our ability/skill/competence.”

Translated by:  @parksheena6004(1,2)