Jun Hyun Moo to become 6th member of SHINee at comeback showcase

Aside from hosting SHINee’s comeback showcase, Jun Hyun Moo is promising to bring more excitement to fans by becoming the sixth member of the group!

On February 19th, Jun Hyun Moo tweeted, “SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’ has finally been revealed ♥ I downloaded right away and made it my ringtone. I need to start working on ‘Moo-ream Girl’ after ‘Moo-cifer’ ^^ Tomorrow is the day that all six (?) members of SHINee will reunite. SHINee’s comeback show… The MC is me, Jun Hyun Moo. Do well SHINee! Me too, the sixth member♥.”

The former news announcer has gained popularity through his SHINee imitations on variety shows such as ‘Star Golden Bell’. With SHINee’s upcoming showcase, fans are looking forward for Jun Hyun Moo’s parody of “Dream Girl”.