Jackie Chan meets with Top 3 of ‘The Great Birth 3’

Action star Jackie Chan met with the remaining top three competitors of ‘The Great Birth 3’.

On February 18th, Jackie Chan had a surprise meeting with the top three competitors of MBC ‘The Great Birth 3’, Han Dong Geun, Park Soo Jin and Oh Byung Gil.

He welcomed the top three with his humorous personality, and gave them different advices to become world star. They were also invite to attend a VIP preview for Jackie Chan’s movie ‘Chinese Zodiac’ as well as stood in front of the photo wall with Jackie Chan himself and Kwon Sang Woo.

The top three expressed their joy in meeting the world star, “We still can’t believe that we met with Jackie Chan. We will take his advices very seriously, and do our best to develop into better singers.”