Hyoyoung, "I'm proud of myself and confident for the future"

Rookie actors have risen from the widely popular KBS 2TV drama "School 2013". Among them is Ryu Hyoyoung. Originally she was born as an idol, but had an absence in the industry but now she showed her skills as an actress with her natural acting skills.

"A lot of people came to audition the same day as me. I think there was over 2,000 people auditioning for a role but I'm very thankful I got the part. It's really like my first challenge in acting, and I didn't know a lot. I don't know things like how to position my body in front of the camera.. and then (laughs) the director would show me and be like "It's like this.'"

Previously, Hyoyoung appeared in the dramas "Jungle Fish 2" (2010) and "The Greatest Love" (2011) but this was her first role as a main character. 

- "Thanks to Gangjoo, the first time I've tried short haircut!"

Hyoyoung played Lee Gangjoo in "School 2013" with a short haircut and rough behavior. She had a well-rounded personality and tried to solve issues with her classmates. There was a lot of emphasis on her friendship and friends. Hyoyoung confessed that her and Gangjoo are quite similar.

Hyoyoung must have transformed from a long haircut into a short haircut for her character Lee Gangjoo. Cutting your hair is not something easy for girls to do. Hyoyoung said, "I'm proud of myself for doing it. I wanted to do something new and it goes well with me."

- "Singer and actress, I have to be both"

Hyoyoung made her debut in 2011 with the girl group 5dolls. Numerous idols have made a transformation on TV into idol-acotrs. A lot of concern is also raised when idols try to tackle acting, and not many are supported for it. We were interested in hearing why Hyoyoung decided to become an actress for "School 2013".

"I can't give up singing to be an actress. Asking me to do this is like saying 'Do you like your mother more? Or do you like your father more?' It's so difficult to answer. I'm getting ready to release an album and don't want to miss the opportunities I'm given.

On the special broadcast of "School 2013", Hyoyoung performed SISTAR's "Alone" with Kil Eunhye and Oh Gaeun. Hyoyoung had stage experience, but the others did not, so she was worried. But in the end, she had nothing to worry about. She said, "I was worried that they couldn't learn the choreography quickly and because there was only two days to learn. We got bruises and sore feet, but everything is back to normal now. I was really surprised. I think we finished the show really well together."

- "Yoobin oppa, I want to meet him in future projects"

Hyoyoung spent 24 hours a day during the three-month filming period in school with new found friends. Most 20 year olds are moving on from school, but Hyoyoung had to get back into a school-mindset.

"We sneaked snacks to eat and stole each others cellphones. Thinking about it now, I laughed more than I talked. There is no question to who is my best friend from the cast. We are all like 'kids' and even spent Christmas together. Everyone is unique but I really enjoyed Yoobin oppa's personality. Heungsoo was also charming but blunt and I want to work with both of them in the future."

I want to grow as an actress after "School 2013" if given the opportunity. "I want to study more, but I haven't yet tried everything I like and I want to try everything. I have confidence in myself."

"I already miss wearing the uniform and going to school with my bag. We agreed to meet each other every three months but next time it won't be at school. Maybe we'll just meet at McDonald's," Hyoyoung said laughing.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20130204n02579
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique