Gayoon reveals, "All the things I've said are true"

Heo Gayoon talked about the things she said before and that can be found scattered on the internet. In an interview with Newsen, reporters asked Gayoon about a recent topic posted on a community portal titled ” Things Heo Gayoon Said.”

Gayoon, “When I saw it, I thought to myself, “So I did say a lot of funny things.” she expressed after bursting into laughter.

She went on, “Almost everything is true” confirming the veracity of the collected anecdotes.

Gayoon revealed, “About the story of a fan asking me if Junhyung oppa was my ideal type and me saying “I just had laser eye surgery” it’s true*. But then it spread out so. There are also things that I have said but can’t remember. All of the quotes gathered there are things I have said.” “And then after reading it I thought, “So I did really say those things…” and  “Ah..that’s how I became the straightforward member of the group among fans.”

About their appearance on variety shows, 2YOON’s Gayoon and Jiyoon explained the reason why they weren’t much exposed to variety.

Gayoon, “If you don’t have a special talent to show you can’t do variety. And since I don’t have any special skill…Among our members no one has any special talent to show off. Hyun Ah has been doing her Pikachu impersonation since our debut. It’s quite burdensome actually.”

Jiyoon, “Since Gayoon is nice, [if she is asked to show something on shows] she ends up doing things she wouldn’t normally do like bark and meow. Even I did things I wouldn’t normally do.”

*A BEAST fan approached Gayoon at an event and showed her a workbook for her to sign with a question. Gayoon then signed and close the book. The fan looked vexed so then Gayoon asked if anything was wrong. The fan opened the workbook again and pointed the question to her then asked, “Is Junhyung your ideal type?” Gayoon then said, “Ah…I just had laser eye surgery.”

Source: Newsen + Yoobin
Translating + Editing + Reporting: Yoobin @