Eunhyuk reveals, "Krystal has a crush on me"

Super Junior Eunhyuk boldly reveals that F(x) member Krystal has a crush on him.

On Section TV wherein Super Junior and F(x) members had a photoshoot, they were asked who played with other group members a lot. Siwon then said that Eunhyuk likes to play jokes with Krystal.

Eunhyuk revealed that he thought Krystal has a small crush on him because she treated him coldly unlike other Super Junior members. Moreover he explained that Krystal treated the ones she likes coldly.  When Siwon mentioned that Eunhyuk and Krystal have 8years gap, Krystal got back on Eunhyuk by calling him 'Uncle' which made Eunhyuk depressed and brought laughter to the set.

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