Detailed item description of SHINee's new Japanese single "Fire"

A musical masterpiece that weaves together supreme creativity with a unique performance style is born here!!

SHINee's seventh Japanese single is titled "Fire", which as the name suggests, has a theme of "the determination of love that is burning like a flash of flames."
The song is a song that must be listened to for its splendid harmony, melding both a relaxing melody and a contemporary rhythm fitting of this generation.
By listening to this song, it is apparent that SHINee is the current "super vocal group" after the Backstreet Boys [of long ago]. The distinctive five vocals of these five people are brilliantly incredible.

Another point to note on is that this production has gathered the greatest creators -- Junji Ishiwatari (lyrics), BACHLOGIC (track maker), SHIKATA (songwriter), ERIK LIDBOM (songwriter), D.O.I (mixer), Akihiro Shiba (mastering). "Beauty, transience, strength, and also, love." This 1 song captures every aspect of SHINee.

The coupling song, "MOON RIVER WALTZ", is a song about how from the moment of falling in love, one's spirit is uplifted as if being charmed. The lyrics themselves are enough to create a visual picture, as if having a video floating in the mind. With three-four time beats creating a unique feel, this song is comforting.

An overall view that weaves together supreme creativity with a unique performance style. The new single, "Fire", is undoubtedly one of SHINee's most outstanding works in history.

Source: Rakuten Ichiba
Translated by: red @