Born in Chuncheon Kpop Star Teen Top ‘Changjo’

Black belt in Taekwondo, Jeolkwondo
Learnt dancing since elementary school
Popular for their powerful ‘knife-like dance’
Becomes the nation’s confession guy with “Be Ma Girl”
Touring 4 countries in Europe starting from 2 Feb
The new K-pop star idol boy group ‘Teen Top’ takes flight.

The moment the tickets to their Europe Tour France show were released on the 5th, it ranked 1st on the sales chart. Titled the ‘TEEN TOP SHOW! Live tour in Europe 2013”, starting from the 2nd in Munich to the 10th, they’ll visit Germany(Dortmund), England(London), France(Paris), Spain(Barcelona), meeting fans from 4 countries and 5 cities.

Raised in Chuncheon, Teen Top’s youngest member Changjo(real name: Choi Jonghyun,18) is a born dancer. He attended Chuncheon elementary school and middle school and is currently attending Chuncheon Agriculture and Technical High School; he’s an idol who’s still a student.

His height on his profile is 179cm and he weighs 58kg. But after his debut, he experienced a growth spurt and his current height is slightly over 180cm – growing up into a man real well. He’s not someone who’s just tall like a tree nor does he have the gentle image. On stage, in the tough choreography, you can feel his strong masculinity.

Before he started learning dance, his dream was to be a bodyguard. He’s a black belt at Taekwondo and Jeolkwondo. He did say that if he hadn’t become a singer, he would have carried on his dream to be a bodyguard.

But he’s still afraid of walking home alone at night; he’s still as chatty – just like any other teenager.

The boy group he’s in, Teen Top, is well-known for their powerful and masculine knife-like dance. You cannot undermine Changjo’s role in the group as his hobby is to choreograph dances.

He started dancing in his 5th year in elementary school. As he had interest in dance, he started to dream of becoming a singer. In the 1st year of middle school, he was determined to become like Big Bang’s Taeyang; someone who has the skills to be able to showcase his dance on stage. And of course, his debut was in his 3rd year of middle school.

Changjo would occasionally give 1-to-1 lessons to his oldest hyung from the same agency, Shinhwa’s Andy, this means that he’s really good at dancing.

In the music industry where tens of idol groups make their debut yearly, Teen Top with their “earnest determination” they have survived in the industry. Now they stand alongside K-Pop sunbaenims and set their sights for the world.

In particular, to match with the mood of Summer, Teen Top released their ‘Summer Special’ with the new song ‘Be Ma Girl’ which showed their potential to outlast in the industry. Teen Top’s confession song ‘Be Ma Girl’ earned great popularity and they were able to called the “nation’s confession guys”

“In order to become the forerunners leading the K-pop wave we’ll work even harder. For Chuncheon’s dancer Changjo and Teen Top to take over the music industry, please show us lots of love”

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