Cube Concert, Varieties of collaboration stages ‘HOT’

Cube entertainment artists (BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon, Kim Kiri) has put on a rich yet distinctive concert.

Cube artists held ’2013 United Cube Concert’ in Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium on February 2nd which has started at 5PM. Around 7,000 fans turned up while sharing loud cheers together.

‘United Cube Concert’ was first held in August. They then continued with concerts abroad such as England, showing their performance skills. In particular, their varieties of collaboration stages have attracted attention.

Opening for the concert, it was BTOB. BTOB’s IlHoon started by DJing and together with the other members, they have performed their songs ‘WOW’, ‘Irresistible Lips’, ‘Insane’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Monday to Sunday’, ‘I know only love’, which was followed by loud cheers from 7,000 fans.

It was then followed with BTOB and 4minute’s maknae line Sungjae and SoHyun’s collaboration stage. They performed a cuter version of ‘Trouble Maker’, and at the end of their performance, they embraced and looked into each other shyly, creating cheers from the audience. From the second verse onward, Hyuna and Jang Hyunseung took the stage and performed the original ‘Trouble Maker’. Hyuna and Jang Hyunseung have once again put on a hot stage with some bold and daring moves.

After their hot collaboration, G.NA came out with ’2HOT”, ‘Top Girl’, once again showcasing her mature live skills. G/NA performed ‘If I have a lover’ with Yoseob and ‘I will back off so you can live your way’ with Yong JunHyung, emancipating her charms.

As the lights turned off, Cube’s maknae Roh JiHoon appeared on stage with six female dancers, while him seated on a chair. They performed ‘Fly With Me’, his debut song, ‘Punishment’ as well as ‘Raining’ with IlHoon. 4minute followed after Roh JiHoon’s stage, with their performances such as ‘Volume Up’, ‘Huh’, ‘Muzik’, ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Fiction’.

Next to appear were Yoseob, Hyunseung, Eunkwang, Changsub and JiHoon, a collaboration stage between Cube’s vocal line. They sang ‘Slow Motion’, showcasing a fantasy like harmonization and their spectacular singing skills,as well as a high standard live stage.

Hyuna then appeared again for her solo stage ‘Ice Cream’, once again boasts of her sexy charms through her signature strong hip dance. 2YOON followed after Hyuna. BTOB as well as Kim Kiri appeared for 2YOON’s newly released song ’24/7′. Despite being a gagman, Kim Kiri showed a considerable well dance, creating another level of excitement.

After Yang Yoseob’s solo stage, 4minute returned with ‘Pretend’, ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Heart to Heart’.

The last performer for the concert was BEAST. Having to hold their concert at the same venue 3 years ago, BEAST and fans showed a perfect stage. BEAST performed ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘Bad Girl’, ‘I Knew It’, R&B Version of ‘Hot Issue’, ‘When I Miss You, ‘On Rainy Days’, ‘It’s Not Me’, ‘Special’, ‘Shock’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘I like you the best’, and fans were jumping will the very end with them.

As a closing, all of the artists appeared on stage and performed ‘Fly So High’. Cube singers have shown their anticipation for their next performance. They will be performing ’2013 United Cube Concert’ in Japan on the coming 21st.

Source: OSEN