CNBLUE, will they seal ‘live’ in k-pop?

CNBLUE is stirring the way the Korean airwaves present music.

While actively promoting their newest song ‘I’m Sorry,’ CNBLUE has tried performing live on music programs for two weeks in a row.

It is atypical for a band to perform live on music programs airing live on television. Not only does the band have to pre-record the performance but they also have to rent the necessary equipment themselves. Plus, there’s time spent to consider since the band has to attend the live show in addition to pre-recording.

It’s the same scenario for producers. For CNBLUE’s live performance, each network music program’s production team held pre-recording sessions at night.

It’s been difficult for bands to appear on music programs because of such environment. Therefore, performing live despite the excess use of manpower, production cost and especially time is a significant change.

The large number of CNBLUE fans also cannot be ignored as the driving force of the development. But without a doubt, CNBLUE’s effort is changing network music programs’ system little by little.

After wrapping up their pre-recording session for live performance, CNBLUE thanked their fans “We are so grateful of our fans who stay with us through the night. We were specially excited and happy because fans enjoyed our stage.”

Source: Star Daily
Translated by: DJ.Pri