CNBLUE transforms into armed cool men to shoot you luck!

CNBlue members are greeting you Happy New Year, not wearing hanbok but manlier and cool outfits.

On February 10, they uploaded a group photo wherein each one of them are wearing cowboy hats and appeared in the camera with shooting pose and gun signs.

They captioned,

"Hello. This is white guy.Guy.Guy.Guy.Guy. Black guy. White guy. Big-eyed guy. Small-eyed guy. We are going to shoot you with luck so you will get new year's luck. Pang!Pang!Pang!Pang~~!!!!^^

Fans playfully commented, "Shoot me oppa! I want to get luck!" ,"I don't mind being shot!" ,"Very cool! Looks so handsome." and so on.

Now, who wants to be shot?

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter
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