Cho In Sung suffers a hand injury during filming of ‘Wind Blows in Winter’

Just days before his new drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ hits the airwaves, actor Cho In Sung was rushed to the emergency room after suffering a hand injury during filming.

On February 7th, an official from Cho In Sung’s agency revealed that the actor got injured while shooting SBS drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter’. He was filming a scene in which he punches a wall when a glass object fell on his hand, resulting in a gash that required 13 stitches.

After receiving treatment, Cho In Sung showed his professionalism by quickly returning to the drama set to finish the rest of his scenes.

Fortunately, he was able to take a break on the 5th but he has to work again on the next day. Many are worried that the swelling hasn’t gone down yet and are afraid it might get infected from the cold weather but Cho In Sung showed his passion towards his work.