BoA garners attention with her unique earring

BoA's unique earring has become a hot topic.

In the broadcast of SBS's "Kpop Star Season 2" on February 24th, BoA as the representative from SM Entertainment, her unique fashion sense has captured many attention from female audiences.

BoA was seen wearing a blue jewelry earring on the show, the thing is that it's not just a normal earring, it was served like an ear cuff. After the show ended,"BoA's earring" became one of the most searched word on Korean real-time search sites. Many people especially female audience were interested in what kind of an earring is that.

People commented,"That is really an unique earring","I have never seen one like that","Where to find it?","BoA's fashion sense is amazing", and so on

Written by Clover @DKPOPNEWS.NET