BEAST’s Yoseob Ranks 4Minute in Order of Looks

Yang Yoseob ranked 4Minute in order of looks.

On the January 30th broadcast of MBC Every1′s “Weekly Idol,” Sohyun, Gayoon and Jiyoon tried to guess Yoseob’s ranking of 4Minute’s members.

Gayoon said, “I believe that Yoseob oppa ranked Hyun Ah first, and ranked me last.  Because he is the most awkward around Hyun Ah, and closer to me [so I think he choose accordingly.]“

Jiyoon commented, “Since Yoseob oppa doesn’t like hurting people he is not very close to, we think he would rank us that way.”

The girls tried to guess and chose the following ranking:

1. Hyun Ah (Most awkward around her)
2. Jihyun (Awkward around her)
3. Sohyun (Just awkward)
4. Jiyoon (Friendly)
5. Gayoon (Very close to her)

MC Jung Hyung Don replied, “You had first and last place right but the rest is wrong.”

Yoseob’s ranking based on looks:

1. Hyun Ah!! Reason: “Because she is pretty!!”
2. Sohyun!! Reason: “Because she is cute!!”
3. Jihyun!! Reason: “Because she is tall (taller than me)”
4. Jiyoon!! Reason: She’s prettier than Gayoon.
5. Gayoon!! Reason: Because she has very small hands, like an elementary school student!!

On that episode, the members also called Hyun Ah whose reaction upon hearing the ranking was “Woohoo.”

Watch the episode below.

Source: Newsen + Weekly Idol
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