BEAST Doojoon’s straightforward remarks!

BEAST member Yoon Doojoon revealed that he had a hard time with Jang Hyuk’s serious personality.

On the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together’, Doojoon along with the other casts of IRIS 2, Jang Hyuk, Lee DaHae and Lee BumSoo have appeared as guests.

Lee Dahae shared that she was surprised by Doojoon’s actions during their flight to Hungary. She said that Doojoon approached and greeted Jang Hyuk first to which Doojoon confessed that about Jang Hyuk’s seriousness. Lee DaHae then said that in the returning flight, Doojoon and Jang Hyuk sat together again, but Doojoon’s expression was fierce and it caused worry to Jang Hyuk

Doojoon talked about their flight “Jang Hyuk-senior talked for around 2 hours during our flight from Finland to Hungary. He had talked enough but still kept talking” and everyone laughed. He then continued “But still, there are funny stories. I’m a rookie actor and I am grateful to receive advices from senior actors” expressing his appreciative.

Source: Xports News
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