B2ST’s Junhyung to star in new drama ‘Monstar’

B2ST’s Yong Junhyung will be making his small screen debut through upcoming Mnet’s music drama ‘Monstar’.

The drama, which is set to air starting in April, is a music drama portraying the story of the growth of a high school rock band members, and their efforts to debut and become superstars. Junhyung will appear as Yoon Seol Chan, the main vocalist of the group, who has a very cold and cynical personality.

A producer of the drama stated, “Junhyung was the best fit as an idol singer that can compose and lyricize his own songs, just like the drama’s character. This is the rapper’s very first attempt in acting, but you can look forward to his great passion.”

The first episode of ‘Monstar’ is scheduled to air on April 6.