4minute’s SoHyun Congratulates Lim Joo Hwan.

4minute member Kwon Sohyun congratulates actor Lim Joo Hwan who is a fan of 4minute for his discharge.

On February 16th, Sohyun updated her Twitter account by tweeting “Wow~ Lim Joo Hwan-nim thank you! Congratulation, you are now discharge from the military, we are glad that we were able to give you strength. Salute.”

Lim Joo Hwan was just discharged from the military after finishing his 21 months training. During the discharge ceremony in Seoul, he stated “I always say this that 4minute is my favourite girl group, though I am into Sistar these days, 4minute will always be my favourite.” He concluded ”I am grateful that 4minute gave me strength when I was in military.” Showing his affection for the group.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net