4Minute's Gayoon is stressed because of airport fashion

On February 4, 2YOON’s Jiyoon and Gayoon appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Hello’with INFINITE H’s Dong Woo and Hoya.

In the show, the MCs asked Hoya, “Don’t you feel bothered because of airport fashion?” he replied, “I actually don’t care much about airport fashion, and my teammates keep complaining.”

Gayoon said, “I feel very stressed because of airport fashion. I always go through endless thoughts about what to wear on the day before taking a flight.”

Then, MC Kim Tae Gyun made people laugh by complaining that, “I care a lot for my airport fashion, but nobody cares.”

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Gayoon's airport fashion

Don't you think that she has great fashion sense?